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When and How To Relocate Near a Senior Loved One

If you’re thinking about moving to be closer to a senior loved one, you’ve likely been analyzing all the relevant important factors. Not only do you need to consider what’s best for your loved one, but also how to go about transferring the contents of your life from one location to the next. The following tips shared by Home Girls Property Solutions can help you navigate all the details to ensure the best results.

Converse With Your Senior Loved One

One of the best ways to know if it’s time to move near senior loved ones is to ask if they would prefer you do so. Having a conversation seems simple enough, but while some seniors tell their loved ones it’s not necessary for them to move, many will readily admit they could use the company and/or extra assistance.

Evaluate Their Actions

Whether you’re the one checking in on your senior loved one or someone else is, The National Institute on Aging urges you to pay close attention to signs about how things are going. For example, if bills aren’t being properly managed, there’s clutter everywhere, or proper hygiene isn’t managed, it may be time to consider the next best steps.

Speak to a Medical Professional

If you have the opportunity and permission, speak to your loved one’s doctor to get a professional opinion about the best solution. Some possible options include your relocation, followed by you and your loved one living in separate homes, or your loved one moving in with you or into a senior care community.

Get Moving Information

Finding moving information can let you check off one aspect of the relocation process from your to-do list. Do some research online to find moving companies with the best reviews and prices. Once you have your top picks, contact each company and explain your moving needs. Ask for pricing estimates and if there are any deals they can offer. If your senior loved one is also considering moving, follow the same process with moving companies in the San Francisco area.

Consider Your Personal Goals

Moving to care for a loved one is an incredibly noble act; however, it’s important that the move won’t completely derail your personal goals. Really think about the balance between caring for someone and caring for yourself before you move. If you decide to go forward with the move, look for ways to continue pursuing your goals. For instance, if you were planning to go back to school for a bachelor’s in business, then this page deserves a look. You can enroll in an online university and complete your coursework from anywhere, including your loved one’s home. While other steps towards your career might slow down, you can find ways to keep moving forward while you care for your loved one in need.

Bring Items to Storage

Consider putting certain personal belongings, such as holiday decor, into a storage unit, as it will be less you have to deal with closer to the relocation date. You may also want to talk to your senior loved one about moving some items into storage. Contact various storage unit facilities in and near Garland, Texas (where the average price for a 5 x 5 unit is $40) and near your loved one to ask about discounts for new customers and seniors.

Prepare Your Pet for the Move

If you are bringing pets with you, you’ll want to make some preparations in advance. Look into ways to calm your pets, like CBD tinctures and chews. Both cats and dogs can benefit from CBD, which does not contain any of the hallucinogenic properties of THC. Try it with your pet before the move to see how they react. If all goes well, then it may be a very helpful tool on move day. You may want to try out some new food options, too, especially if you will be traveling for more than a day. Kibble  is much easier to prepare on the road than canned food, and high-protein options can keep your pet’s hunger satiated for longer periods of time. There are great options, like these dry dog foods, that have high protein, organic ingredients, and low (or no) grain content.

Prepare to Move Your Business

Should you also have a business to relocate, the sooner you start the moving process, the better. In addition to getting pricing quotes, contact a real estate agent (if you need a brick-and-mortar location) to help find property near your loved one. Gradually downsize and begin packing business items in clearly labeled boxes so they’re ready to go. It is important that you find a property (or properties) that meet your personal and professional needs, as well as the needs of your aging loved one. Home Girls Property Solutions specializes in helping people with their residential needs. Contact them to see what resources they can connect you with in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Focus on One Step at a Time

Considering the complexities of the situation, it’s best to make a list of everything that needs to be done, like putting items in storage, so you stay organized. You’ll have a lot of things to consider, from moving your business to keeping your pet happy on the road. Focus on one step at a time, and you’ll be settled in near your loved one in no time.

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