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Real Estate Investing Doesn’t Discriminate

This is a business that requires a lot of time, dedication, patience, and organization. The great thing about real estate investment is that it doesn’t discriminate. Many people call it a business of “monopoly” and you just have to be conscious about how you spend/sanction the money you are putting to work. If successful, real estate investment can generate large profits for investors while greatly benefiting all other parties.


Being a real estate investor is an inclusive business. Technically, it doesn’t require a person to have a degree but rather experience, creativity and a sharp mind. Dianet Franco (FortuneBuilders) is an investor in Pearland, Texas. She was born in Mexico and moved to the U.S. at the age of four. She was married at the age of 14 with only a sixth grade education, but that didn’t stop her from wanting to make a living for herself.


Franco’s drive and passion lead her to become a very successful real estate investor and a great example for people who may not believe they have anything to give. With practice, this business can be mastered, and the outcome is rewarding.


Source: Dianet Franco 

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