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Make a Small Room Look Bigger

1.Paint or wallpaper the ceiling

This is an effect draws the eye upward, which can make the room feel taller.


2. Use light colors

This is perhaps the most common way to expand a room. While people may associate darker colors with comfort and coziness, dark colors actually absorb light instead of reflect it, giving the illusion of a smaller room. A good place to paint light colors on the walls is in the kitchen and in the living room because they are the two places that are seen upon entering a home. Plus, who doesn’t love a large kitchen with good lighting?



Any part of the room that allows it, incorporate stripes. This is another eye illusion that makes the room look longer.


4. Furniture away from wall

If you want to achieve spaciousness, pull furniture and other decorative statements away from the wall leaving about a few inches in between.


5. Open windows

Big and open windows work wonders in every way. Having big, open windows not only brings in the natural light, but also gives a room more depth. Avoid heavy curtains.


6. Mirrors

Leaning mirrors against walls is becoming a popular trend to make a room more expansive. Find a focal point in the room and then make sure it’s centered in the middle of the mirror. This gives the room more depth as well, and also reflects natural and artificial light that make the room look larger.

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