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Dallas Homes VS Kansas City Homes- From a Kansas City Intern’s Perspective

As a native of Kansas, I didn’t expect there to be much of difference in housing in Texas, or Dallas more specifically. Both states are prone to tornadoes and have very similar climates in regards to humidity and temperature. Dallas and Kansas City are not too far from each other on the humidity scale. When driving from Kansas City down to Dallas, TX, I noticed a few differences immediately:


1. There are no basements

Not just Dallas, but most Texas homes do not have basements. Every Texan knows this. This confused me, since the state is just as likely to get tornadoes as Kansas. I was interested to find that the reason Texas homes do not have basements is because of multiple reasons: the frost line, clay content in the soil, water table, and the bedrock of Limestone. Basements are not compatible with Texas soil.


2. House made out of brick

We have plenty of brick homes in Kansas City, but not as much as in Dallas. Usually the ratio of brick homes to other material is 1 to 10 in Kansas City. It’s not as common where I am from, rather is utilized as a statement or a way to make the house stand out among others. So why are there so many brick homes? The soil is loaded with clay, which is helpful with gardening, and also great for brickmaking. A large vein of clay stretches across the United States from Central Texas, through Oklahoma and Arkansas, and then up to Virginia and Maryland.


3. Single Story Homes

There are not too many single story homes in Kansas City, but there are quite a few in Dallas. Single story homes have many advantages, such as:  age friendliness, energy efficiency, open floor plans, easy to expand, and affordability. From learning the business of real estate investment, I found that many single story homes are fixer uppers and subject to renovation.


As a Kansas City native, the housing in Dallas, Texas is different. But, I’ve learned that housing in Dallas is relative to its region. 

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